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Leonard: “Ohhh… screw the roommate agreement!”

Sheldon: “No! You don’t screw the roommate agreement, the roommate agreement screws YOU!”

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S04E07 - The Apology Insufficiency


shawn hunter + cory matthews

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TOP 10 BOY MEETS WORLD SHIPS (as voted by my followers):

► 02. Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter

"You know what, Shawnie? I always thought Topanga was the one person I could never live without. But she’s gone and you’re here and I’m alive so it must be you." "I’d take a bullet for you." "Shawnie, I love you."

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favorite character meme [2/4 relationships]: shawn & cory

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Shawn: It's us against him. Livin' on the edge babe.
Cory: I like when you call me babe.
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And you’re going to go through life alone! Except for Cory who will bring you magazines and pudding!
Topanga Lawrence
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Season 4, Episode 17: The Toast Derivation.


future!Sugar has elements of Santana’s scheming and Brittany’s tendency to enjoy life while giving no fucks


(Before we begin, let’s put on our “Sugar from the future” goggles so that my babbling doesn’t just seem like illogical babbling. Crackcanon is fun, guys!)

I find it amusing that Sugar combines elements of Brittana’s personalities in such a way that her dialogue screams “tone deaf Rachel Berry:”

  • "Awesome! More back up for me."
  • "Do you hear the difference?" "Yeah, I sound good."

Is it possible that future!Brittana/the Lopez-Pierces live in New York and often get visits from Broadway’s famous Rachel Berry?

But the more important question is: is this “Sugar,” as portrayed in her dialogue, the real her?

I don’t trust that Sugar is really herself when she speaks at all, so all of her dialogue is suspect, and may not even be a good indicator of what she’s really like. The construction of “Sugar” as this new identity is important. She could plausibly be herself and it wouldn’t make a difference because she’s in a past where (or is it “when”? Time travel talk screws up my English) nobody knows her. Assuming, though, that the creation of the Troubletones is part of some sort of “plan,” then crafting this new persona works:

  • She has to be unlikeable in order to not get into ND
  • She has to sing horribly in order to not get into ND
  • She has to sing horribly so that Brittana and Mercedes can dominate TT. Why would Sugar get Al Motta to spend money on hiring Shelby to create a group in which Sugar is the star, only for Sugar to happily fade into the background once the others show up?

Complex? Well-calculated? Does this look familiar? It should.

But wait! It gets better!

Knowing the complexity of her plan, Sugar doesn’t even trust herself sometimes, so “Asperger’s!” has to be the safeguard and excuse when she verbally fumbles.

But at the end of the day, she forgets to watch her actions when she thinks nobody is looking; after all, she’s just a teenager hanging out with her moms when they were younger, and it’s this weird experience that’s a combination of awkward, angst-inducing, and hilarious. So of course we see her enjoying every performance, derping it up and not giving a fuck.

Smart and calculating? Willing to be the special, derpy unicorn that she is?

Your mommies have raised you well, Sugar.

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I’ve been thinking about it and in my Sugar/Harmony/Rory head canon they aren’t coming back from the future to make sure their parents get/stay together. They’re coming from a post apocalyptic future where their parents are dead or dying and the only way to fix/stop it from happening exists in the year 2011. In fact, I would have Harmony have no idea that her parents aren’t together in this time (for whatever reason). Then she would see Rachel with Finn and react in a completely dramatic, crazy psycho way that would be kind of a comedic relief (along with all things Sugar). Of course we learn that she reacted so poorly because she thought she was going to get to see her parents happy and in love again and instead they aren’t together at all. And other stuff will happen for those who like Brittana and Klaine or whatever.

Idk whatever, I just think the “going back in time to get/keep our parents together” is kind of played because I’ve read that fic at least 5 times already.

it’s been like 2+ years and i STILL have the headcanon that Harmony, Rory and Sugar were time travelers coming back in time to interact with their parents. I mean… that’s basically the only reason I was still watching the show

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AHWU 189

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Once Upon a Time Challenge

Pairings (7/9)
↳ Regina Mills & Emma Swan
" That’s a woman who wants to change.
        She just wants everyone else to see it.
        I know that look. I know her. I believe her.”

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